Present: Lynn McDonald, Ronald Stagg, Wilmot and Judy Matthews, Elizabeth Trott, Victor Shepherd, Paul Copeland, Kate McCrone, Don Matthews, Robert Timko, Rose Dyson, Nenke Jongkind, Joyce Hall

First agenda item: establish name for the group and website. We have a volunteer website creator.

Decision: “Friends of Egerton Ryerson” with an “About” section stating our mission.

Discussion regarding the task force where opinion rests that the members and indigenous don’t care about the truth. It is flawed by omissions and lies. Those who are willing to go to bat to defend Ryerson are ignored. And others are scared to speak out. The task force document was put together by a PR company.

Details regarding Egerton Ryerson include his wanting Christian moral theory, not a particular Christian religion, promoted. He was in favour of sustainable agriculture and in fact the two first universities in Ontario were ag-oriented.

Lynn will edit a book of which 3 authors are already on board. Work has begun.

The name change of the university needs an act of the Ontario Provincial Legislature; therefore, a letter needs to be composed with a specific ask that further investigation is required. They should be held to account for bad research.

We need a strategy including consideration of various audiences.

Idea for documents: letters, fact sheets referring to website for documentation.

The website will serve as a resource for anyone who seeks information on Egerton Ryerson.

Lynn will work with Rose on a draft letter to Ontario MPPs with a specific ask and signatures of distinguished academics.

Elizabeth notes the name change will cost money so taxpayers have a right to be informed. Apparently RU will be the initials to save money. Judy suggests that large donors to Ryerson should also be informed.

Next meeting in two weeks, Nov. 21; time TBA