Present: 15 people including Lynn McDonald, Elizabeth Trott, Rose Dyson, Carolyn Edgar, Phyllis Creighton, Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg, Robert Timko, Patrice Dutil, Judy Mathews, Kate McCrone, Len Fortune, Lyn Pressman, Chaired by: Patrice Dutil Recorded by: Rose Dyson Please advise of any errors or omissions.  


  • Minutes from previous meeting
  • Update since last meeting, Globe article on Quebec Commission on Academic Freedom, contact with MPPs,
  • Other Business.
    Minutes from Dec. 5th meeting chaired by Ronald Stagg and recorded by Rose Dyson approved.
  • Paper on Egerton Ryerson written by Robert Timko and Elizabeth Trott to be submitted for posting on the website.
  • Following links provided by Robert: Egerton Ryerson: Building a Spiritual and Intellectual Foundation for a Canadian Identity by Timko R.M., Kubyshkin A.I. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License DOI: or
  • Additional recommended reading–not on Ryerson but on the appalling movement of which his “shaming” is a part– suggested by Kate McCrone Journalist and historian Anne Applebaum’s excellent article in the October, 2021 issue of The Atlantic, entitled “The New Puritanism”.
  • Discussion on need to access Ryerson Biography, especially the bibliography.
  • John Taylor, who played hockey for the Ryerson Rams returned a statue he had been awarded in protest to the debasing of Egerton Ryerson’s life and legacy. He sent a letter to Friends of E. R., advising us of his actions and promised to mobilize a number of former fellow hockey players to send letters of objection to the President regarding the university name change proposal.
  • Globe and Mail article by Konrad Yakabuski (Dec. 16, 2021), Quebec’s commission on academic freedom takes a courageous stand. Robert Timko pointed out that the issues discussed in this article apply not only to U. of Ottawa which led to the appointment of the Commission, but Ryerson University as well. Suggestion that it be loaded onto the website. Rose Dyson to look into doing so.
  • Elizabeth, Dorothy and Rose each sent in letters expressing disappointment in Andrea Horwath’s response to the issue of the University name change. They also endorsed Lynn’s position in her own letter sent in previously. They requested that Lynn’s offer to brief Horwath and the Caucus on the facts concerning E.R.s life and legacy be accepted. Rose also sent a similar letter to Jessica Bell, her MPP for University/Rosedale. She cc.ed Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg and a few others who live in the riding. A number of other NDP MPPS were approached. These include Lynn’s own sitting MPP, Suze Morrison, for Toronto Centre. who is indigenous. It is also the riding in which Ryerson University, itself, is located. Lynn also reported that she expects a briefing for the NDP Caucus at Queen’s Park by Len Fortune and herself to take place sometime in January.
  • Len suggested approaching Pamela Palmater, Head of Indigenous Studies at Ryerson University, for her position on the issue and possible support for Friends.  
  • It is still not clear if provincial legislation is required for a Ryerson University name change but we are proceeding on the basis that it does. 
  • Judy Matthews noted that she is in touch with University of Calgary historian, and Ryerson expert, Donald Smith Judy is in touch with Smith regularly will be seeing him shortly in Toronto. She will ask him if an article he wrote recently on the issue involving E.R.’s life and legacy can be posted on our website. Also what the copyright implications are, if any.
  • Comments from visitors can be posted on the website in section identified as “Join or Contact us”.
  • Need for Outreach group to be established and led by Lynn. It would meet between regular, zoom mtgs. Request for volunteers. Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg will help.  
  • Need for someone to correct information on E.R. with Canadian Encyclopedia. Phyllis Creighton has already been in touch with the editor of the Dictionary of Canadian Biography to ensure accuracy of info on E.R.

Next meeting: January 9th, 3 pm.