Choose one or more suggested answers (correct answers at bottom)

  1. What Indigenous language(s) did Ryerson learn?
    a. Cree
    b. Ojibway
    c. No Indigenous language
    d. Two or more Indigenous languages

  2. How long did it take Ryerson to learn the language?
    a. Two years or more
    b. One to two years
    c. 6-11 months
    d. not applicable (no Indigenous language)

  3. What was Egerton Ryerson’s Indigenous name?
    a. Kakeqaquonaby (Sacred Feathers)
    b. Cheechock (Bird on a Wing)
    c. no Indigenous name

  4. Who gave Ryerson his Indigenous name?
    a. an Indigenous chief
    a. b. an Indigenous council
    c. nobody (no Indigenous name)

  5. Egerton Ryerson supported what kind of schools for Indigenous children?
    (choose two answers)

    a. English only instruction
    b. Indigenous only instruction
    c. bilingual (Indigenous and English)
    d. voluntary attendance
    e. compulsory attendance

  6. The schools Ryerson supported for Indigenous children were
    a. residential (pupils boarded at school)
    b .day (pupils lived with parents)

    Correct answers: 1: b; 2: c (8 months); 3: b; 4: a; 5: c and d; 6: b