Present: Dorothy GoldinRosenberg, Lynn McDonald, Ronald Stagg, Patrice Dutil, Irwin Pressman, Rose Dyson, Sally Humphries, Elizabeth Trott, Robert____, Carolyn Edgar, Bob Timko, Judy and Wilmot Matthews, Len Fortune, Anne Venton, Kate McCrone, Mike Duffy, Phyllis Creighton, Don Matthews, Joyce Hall

Agenda: letter to province, mission statement, outreach to others.


The letter written by Lynn and amended by Peter Wyatt, Rose Dyson and Joyce Hall was approved unanimously. We will send out to contacts for signature and will be sure to ask for credentials. This group will send their credentials to Joyce at (Lynn to write a cover letter to be used to ask for signatures.)

Mohammed Lachemi will be added as a cc.

A press release will be written by Joyce and Rose to go out on the same day as the letter. Question: who will be the contact person for further information. For a media list ask Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

A separate letter will be written requesting that Queen’s Park take possession of the statue as an important 19th century piece of artwork and hopefully later resurrection. (Patrice Dutil)

For posting on the new website Robert will send a journal article on Ryerson to Lynn who will forward to our webmaster.

Also for posting, the bio on Ryerson at

Lynn and Patrice to write a mission statement draft for next meeting.

Next meeting: Dec. 5, 3 pm