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Dear Friends of Egerton Ryerson.

The following letter was recently sent to the Premier and all MPPs on the Ryerson University name change. Obviously we are not trying to reverse the decision, but to flag the problems in the process. You can add your name to the signers’ list for an updated letter—not physically–but simply reply “Yes” or “Co-sign” and your name will be placed in alphabetical order after “yours sincerely.” Send it along this email to friends and colleagues who might join us! 

Lynn McDonald, for the Outreach Committee 

reply to 

PS Send it to your own MPP—they notice letters from constituents more than group letters. 

You can find your MPP’s name, if you don’t know it, by googling “MPP AND your postal code.” Easy! 


Mission Statement:

To Advocate for and publicize an awareness and appreciation of the life and work of Egerton Ryerson, on the basis of scholarly research and to restore and defend his reputation.

Did You Know..

The decision to rename Ryerson University has been made and the name change started. But what about the real Egerton Ryerson? The one Ryerson students, faculty, and staff never heard about, but were instead bombarded with false accusations. Click to learn more.


We aim to restore the reputation of Egerton Ryerson against erroneous /slanderous claims. Projects are planned that will require funding, some little, some much more. For example, a full-page ad in the Toronto Star is approx $5,000-7,000, and the Globe and Mail at 30,000. Half pages for both somewhat less but not as effective. Public events with zoom connections, to present the real Egerton Ryerson are under consideration and would require more modest funding, open meetings, podcast, and, webinar.  Interested in helping? Click here.

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Tom Thorne: Alternatives to Changing Ryerson University’s Name

As an alumnus my best media and public relations advice is to keep the Ryerson University name. Those imbued and engaged in the world of political correctness will...
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Lynn McDonald: Ryerson’s 1847 Report on “Industrial Schools”: Is It the “Smoking Gun” Linking Him to Residential Schools?

Denouncers of Egerton Ryerson like to cite his 1847 report on “industrial schools” as the ”smoking gun” that links him to the horrible residential school system established by...
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Tom Thorne: Why a New Name for Ryerson University? University Management Folds to Identity Politics 

It appears that the only excuse for changing the name of Ryerson University after 73 years is the mistaken notion that Egerton Ryerson was responsible for indigenous residential...
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David Taylor, B.A. , (Hons) B.A.S

I graduated from Ryerson in early 90’s after I had graduated from York and valued my opportunity to complete my education all from evening and weekend studies from these schools....
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Tom Thorne: Will Always be a Ryerson Univerity Graduate

Now that Ryerson University President Mohamed Lachemi  has the name change process well underway I want to remind him that even when he changes the name, Ryerson grads...
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Rose Dyson, Ed.D: Education in Peril

November, 2021 The recent proposal to rename Ryerson University has alarm bells reverberating throughout the university community and beyond. Events leading up to this decision have precipitated a...
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R. Dundas B.Tech. (Electrical), B.Tech. (Business), B.Ed.Ad.Ed.

Was Egerton Ryerson the bad person he has been portrayed? Did he have a role to play in the maltreatment of Indigenous children and their families? Did he...
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David Taylor, B.A. , (Hons) B.A.S

“I graduated from Ryerson in early 90’s after I had graduated from York and valued my opportunity to complete my education all from evening and weekend studies from these schools....
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Irwin Pressman: A Canadian Pearl Harbor

George Elliot tried to warn the Navy about the waves of Japanese planes that he saw on his radar screen at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941. He was...
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Len Fortune, Dip. Phot Arts, Ryerson Institute of Technology, assistant general manager Toronto Sun (ret.) TRC ambassador, Niagara (Anglican) Diocese

RYERSON’S LETTER RESURRECTED After 51 years, either in mothballs or lost, Egerton Ryerson’s 1847 letter to George Vardon returned to prime time in 1898, leaving many questions unansweredBy...
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Keith McLean, BA (Hon), M.Sc., B.Ed. who disapprove of hasty, poorly researched actions 

A retired high school history teacher, in signing the letter to provincial officials, described himself as wanting to join the list of  “individuals who disapprove of hasty, poorly researched actions.”...
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